Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's the Weekend. Time For Home.

It's a day largely of fiscal responsibilities and family time here, so I'm just going to note that The Poor Man Institute's come back with an installment of The Keyboard Kommandos, and then move on to some links covering of the recent page scandal down in Florida and the House of Representatives.

Considering how much hay was made of sexual "scandals" between consenting adults in the late '90s then here's hoping the story concerning Republican Representative from Florida Mark Foley and an underage page manages to not only drag him down but the GOP's leadership in the House, who were reportedly informed of it almost a year ago, and which is now being spun into damage control mode, especially in the wake of Foley's resignation and everyone is backing away from it saying they didn't know anything until now. Billmon caps it off as it stands.


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