Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bloody October Surprise?

I just noticed over on Buzzflash that the U.S. build-up in the Gulf continues off the coast of Iran.

Is a military srike on Iran - or, being even more cynical, trying to provoke a strike against our military - going to be part of the GOP strategy for holding onto power?

More on the general build-up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoping you and they're wrong on this...

2:11 PM  
Blogger SuperFiancee said...

H and I have been postulating this very thing. Given what they've got to overcome (all the recent scandals, etc.), there is bound to be one HELL of an October surprise on tap. And, we're almost out of October...is the hair standing up on the back of anyone else's neck?

8:53 AM  
Blogger MJ Norton said...

It's unnerving. I'm not so concerned about North Korea because China's too deeply involved; US military action against that regime under these circumstances would be insane.

A sudden flare-up in the Iran situation is more likely, but more than that I suspect they're pushing hard for some deadly plot they can locate or simply concoct, perferably using intelligence from "aggressive interrogation" techniques. Something they can wave around, probably involving some plan to kill large numbers of families or even go straight for children. The beauty of "intelligence" gathered using whatever euphemism is being employed for torture is that people who are in pain and/or scared out of their minds can be made to "confess" to anything. Constructing terror castles in the sky and smoke dragons the administration can claim to have saved us from is likely the #1 assignment for some group. In this environment signed confessions are easily come by, so it's really just a matter of coming up with as horrific a scenario as they can. They won't have to substantiate it any more than that because they can claim it was another evil blossom nipped in the bud.

For the moment, with the mid-term election now a mere 19 days away, I'm seeing more localized maneuvers -- such as in a local race where a deeply-embedded office-holder (Curt Weldon) is trying to turn a sudden FBI investigation of possible political favoritism towards his daughter's business into a planned Democratic move. That his opponent (Joe Sestak) had moved from a "Who?" to looking likely to unseat him in the House of Representatives well before this FBI probe almost has me wondering who this investigation (if politically motivated) is really meant to serve. It's a snakepit, and likely won't begin to emerge from the mists until after the election.

10:23 AM  

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