Sunday, November 05, 2006

Is the fix already in? Again?

Despite the polls indicating that Democrats will be handily retaking the House of Representatives and are teetering around the tipping point in the Senate (though traitorous Joe Lieberman is likely to take a win and is no one to be counted on by Democrats), too many races are going to teeter on a 3% or so margin, something that could be (again) easily stolen by True Believers with their finger on code hacks (quaintly referred to here as "glitches") in electronic voting systems.

That the GOP and spinmeisters tried to make so much hash out of Kerry's botched joke was a positive point for me, as it demonstrated how desperate they were to find something other than their own actions on display.

Presumably, today and tomorrow we're supposed to be too busy dancing in the streets because Saddam's been sentenced to hang, and how - depending upon how quickly the nine-judge appeals panel works through their deliberations, which could be as long as the appellate judges wish - he could be executed within days. Once they make their decision, whenever and whatever that will be, the results have to be implemented within 30 days. That none of this is of any real importance to what's happening over here is largely a matter of perception; those who have been duped otherwise, well, it'll be important to them.


Blogger Handsome said...

Of course they're going to steal it again, if they can. It's worked for them consistently in the past, and all these people care about is power. Beyond that, they're desperate to keep subpoena and investigation power out of Democrat hands; they're doing badly enough in their own rigged courts system at the moment.

We just have to do whatever we can to keep them from stealing another one.

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