Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Snapshot Update or Whiplash Update?

A new graphic from shortly after 5pm today, showing the small, but substantial changes from about 12 hours earlier.

But now... we're getting a confusing report from the AP: Democrats take control of Senate... and I have to admit I was a little confused. Had they suddenly counted both of the Independent seats as Democrats? Apparently so, based on reports that the independents caucused with the Democrats.

Montana's senate seat was ceded to the Democrats, but despite the headline the Virginia election could still be going for the long haul, and good for them. It's important to be sure that all the votes are counted, and I have no idea what the absentee ballot situation is there. We have plenty of time to be sure about the result.

The election still has me a little off-balance, so I'm happy we have some time to look into the rising players on the political front. I've barely gotten anywhere with it, though the attention on Nancy Pelosi is proving an interesting start.


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